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Submit data

You can start by submiting a review of your local police agency. Search for it using the input at the top of this page. If we don't have your local agency yet you can submit it yourself on this page.

The next time you have an encounter with a police officer, please take a few minutes to submit a rating. We recomend you bookmark our site now so it's easy to find when you want to submit a rating.

You can also contribute by editing agency details. Completing and/or fixing agency information is a great way to support the project if you don't have any ratings to submit. Just click the "edit" button on any agency profile page. Browse all agencies here

Spread awareness

Have a few followers on Twitter? A quick tweet including our account @RateOurCops goes a long way. We'll toss you a retweet and a follow for the help. Make sure to follow us while you're at it. We post new features, releases, and sneak-peeks.


This project is provided at no cost. It takes significant resources to develop and maintain this project. As the project grows so do our server and operational expenses. For this reason, any financial support gets us closer to being self-sufficient. If you'd like to help keep RateOurCops online and active please consider supporting it through one of the methods on our donation page.

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We are looking for volunteer developers to join our internal development team. If you are interested and/or want more info please email us at

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