New York City Police Department

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Address 1 Police Plaza Path, New York, NY 10038
State NY
Phone 646-610-5000
Indexed Officers 48,950
Reported Officers 36,000

Agency Officers (48,950)

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Abdelhadi AanouzPolice Officer
Jessica N. AaronPolice Communications Technician
Jacob J. AaronsonPolice Officer
Gary W. AaronsonPolice Officer
Darsey AbadPolice Officer D/A Detective 1St Gr
Zulema AbadSchool Safety Agent
Anthony E. AbadiaPolice Officer
Jonathan AbadiaSergeant
David L. AbadiaPolice Officer
Mina E. AbadirPolice Officer
Nicholas J. AbagnaloSergeant
Joseph C. AbatePolice Officer
Dominick P. AbatePolice Officer
Khondokar A. AbbasTraffic Enforcement Agent
Mohammed A. AbbasAssociate Traffic Enforcement Agent
Ali AbbasPolice Officer
Amar AbbasPolice Officer
Wasim AbbasPolice Officer
Zagham AbbasLieutenant
Kristy A. AbbascianoPolice Officer

Agency Reviews (1)

5 months ago

Anonymous User

I have seen these cops at work most days. They are very selective in what the enforce. They will happily grab you if you jump the subway turn-style but they won't lift a finger if you're on an e-bike/scooter and a threat to pedestrians on the sidewalk. I've known people who have been beaten up by NYPD offices because they were gay or black - and literally doing nothing to wrong. They were not at a protest or other situation like that. I've dealt directly with police offices when we reported sexual assault on a family member. Some offices were wonderful but most of them (almost all men) were not interested, did the paperwork but not much else. One even suggested it was the victims fault. You hear about this stuff but then to see it first-hand is something else. This department has zero accountability. General officers don't seem the brightest, and you'll never find them when you actually need them.