John Petterson

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Position Chief
Badge 301
Phone Unknown
Gender male
Age Unknown
Date Hired Unknown
Annual Salary Unknown
Hourly Rate Unknown

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9 months ago

Anonymous User

For a guy that was a police chief, he sure has failed at abiding by the constitution. Embarrassing actually. Road raging on an individual (pedestrian) for whom he almost struck with his vehicle at a high rate of speed. Then used his status as a tough guy small town cop with no real experience to harass this individual. He identified himself as a police chief (of 3 people) whoa! (he had no ID on him). But, what he didn't know was that this person he almost killed is an Officer in the military with two combat tours. That would explain why he was so scared in dealing with him. But when your a small town, short, scared little man, my guess is you have to stay in the small town. What he did to my friend is unacceptable, and embarrassing for a "police chief" of 3 people. Calm down little man!