Todd Glander

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Position Sheriff
Badge Unknown
Phone 218-847-2661
Gender male
Age Unknown
Date Hired Unknown
Annual Salary Unknown
Hourly Rate Unknown

Officer Reviews (2)

a year ago

Anonymous User

I think this man's tags speak to his character. Sheriff Glander is cold, cruel,heartless,and vindictive. My husband was in jail there and even though I wasn't involved in his incident, Sheriff Glander treated me terribly as well as my husband. I cannot adaquately express how terrible he spoke and acted. I've never known such a heartless person

  • Evil
  • Heartless
  • Vindictive
  • Cruel
a year ago

Anonymous User

Frequently allows his son and his sons friends to get away with crimes from drug dealing and possession to vandalism and theft. Even dismissed a case where his son and his son's girlfriend abused and neglected a dog and left it for dead in an apartment.